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30 November 2022 – 52thordinary General Meeting (GM)

On 30 November 2022 the Auditing Association of German Banks invited its members to a General Meeting in Frankfurt after a two-year break due to the pandemic, during which the General Meeting had to be held in virtual form.

The focus of this year's GM was on the formal part of the meeting, with the new complemented Executive Board team attending for the first time and Mr. Andreas Hähndel personally introducing himself to the members as the new Chairman of the Executive Board. In addition, particular mention should be made of the adoption of the proposed amendments to the Articles of Association, which will make a lasting contribution to shaping the Auditing Association into an agile risk manager and to specifying the tasks of the Auditing Association's committees and external control functions. Furthermore, the Advisory Board of the Auditing Association was newly elected by the General Meeting as scheduled. We look forward to welcoming both, familiar and new faces, at the constituent meeting in the spring.

The formal part of the meeting was followed by a convivial conclusion in an informal atmosphere. We thank you very much for the active participation.

The venue and time of the next GM in 2023 have not yet been determined. We will announce the details in due time and are looking forward to welcoming you at an attendance event next year as well, if possible.

7 October 2021 – 51th ordinary General Meeting (GM)

On 07.10.2021 this year's General Meeting of the Auditing Association took place again virtually due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation and was broadcasted via Livestream from Berenberg Bank in Hamburg.

Main focus of the GM was the speech by the Chairman of the Advisory Board, Dr. Michael Diederich, on the strategic realignment of the Auditing Association with the goal on a significantly faster, more effective and more agile operating Auditing Association. It should combine the perspective of the auditor even more closely with the perspective of the risk manager in order to counteract emerging risks at an early stage, to take effective measures and to manage the risks closely. In addition, he should work even more with modern, digital technologies. This is accompanied by organizational, structural and personnel changes. Subsequently, Sebastian Podporowski reported on the association's activities in 2020 with a focus on the risk management and auditing activities, also against the background of the risks for the banks resulting from the corona pandemic. Finally, the annual financial statements were explained.

Venue and date of the next General Meeting have not been set up yet and will be announced in due time. We are really looking forward to welcoming the representatives our member banks in person again soon.

24 June 2021 - Successful re-certification of the information security management according to ISO 27001 based on IT-Grundschutz

The certification according to ISO 27001 on the basis of IT-Grundschutz initially obtained in 2018 expired in April 2021. So a re-certification audit was carried out in February 2021 by the Federal Office for Information Security (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik, BSI).

The BSI finally attested on June 24th, 2021 that we had passed the tests successfully and that the validity of the exitisting certification is extended until June 23rd, 2024.

This once again confirmed the high standard of information security in the entire Auditing Association Group and the effectiveness of the measures taken to comply with the applicable requirements and for the purpose of a continuous improvement process.

19 April 2021 - Pruefungsverband launching exchange platform "Connect"

The Auditing Association of German Banks (Prüfungsverband deutscher Banken e.V.). (PV) has developed the "Connect" exchange platform for itself and its affiliated companies in order to offer its clients a secure, digital data exchange in both directions. GBB-Rating Gesellschaft für Bonitätsbeurteilung mbH (GBB-Rating) is the first company in the PV association to launch the "Connect" platform as a pilot to enable its clients to securely and efficiently transfer data, files and documents in both directions as part of its information and service offering. The Auditing Association and other affiliated companies of the PV network intend to follow suit successively and to place their own information and service offerings on Connect. With the Connect exchange platform, the Auditing Association would like to provide you with an attractive, secure and up-to-date medium to promote the digital exchange of data and information between you and the PV Association.

29.10.2020 - 50th ordinary General Meeting (GM)

For the first time, this year's General Meeting of the Auditing Association took place virtually and was broadcasted via Livestream due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation. The main focus of the GM was the speech given by the Spokesman of the Management Board, Manfred Kühnle. He pointed out that this meeting type was a premiere for the Auditing Association, which could not have been foreseen at the beginning of the year. Understandably, the speech focused on the Covid-19 situation. Mr. Kühnle called the current crisis a „Green Swan“ – a definition created by the think tank of the Bank for International Settlements for climate or natural events with a global and significantly damaging impact on the financial, economic and social systems.

He continued with explaining the dimensions of the crisis, its combat and the relief efforts, inkluding their side effects, and emphasized the important role of the banking industry, too. He ended his speech with a summary and an outlook: “The corona pandemic has shown us the limits and has taught us humility and respect at the same time. Perhaps, it also has sharpened our focus on what is ‚really‘ important.“ The full speech is available on our website (see section „Information“ / „Downloads“).

The formal meeting part started with the Management Board Report on the financial year 2019, followed by the resolutions on the exoneration of the Management and Advisory Board.

Even if the requirements of the formal virtual meeting have been entirely fulfilled, it was not possible to meet the representatives of our member banks in person subsequently. Hence and to our regret, the reception and the valuable part of discussions had to be canceled this time.

The next General Meeting will take place in Hamburg. We hope that the pandemic situation will have normalized by then and the meeting will take place in its regular format.


28 October 2020 - The Auditing Association of German Banks subscribes to the EFDI Sustainability Charter

The European Forum of Deposit Insurers, EFDI for short, presented and adopted to the General Assembly in September this year a sustainability charter co-initiated by the GBB.

The European Forum of Deposit Insurance Providers (EFDI) acts as an international association of participating stakeholders with the aim of promoting european cooperation and the discussion of supervisory issues in the fields of deposit insurance, investor compensation and related crisis management. Of which the Auditing Association of German Banks acts as an (associate) member.

The charter contains principles which - if applicable - have already been implemented or tackled in the PV network.

On October 28, 2020 the Auditing Association of German Banks officially signed the EFDI Sustainability Charter as an associate member of EFDI.


19 February 2020 - Social engagement - also in terms of sustainability

For the auditing association of German banks (PV), whose main task is to reduce risks in the interest of the deposit protection system for private banks and thus to secure customer deposits by private banks, creating added value for its members and acting sustainably are not only desirable, but rather a matter of course responsibility.

The core task of the PV is to ensure lasting stability; this will only succeed if sustainability is also taken into account in our daily activities. For this reason, the auditing association of German banks adopted a sustainability strategy at the beginning of 2020, set up the Sustainable Office department and appointed the sustainability officer to head this department. The officer started her activity at the beginning of this year and pushes ahead with the implementation of the sustainability strategy in the PV group and is responsible together with the Executive Board. Siegel.png

Sustainable action represents an imperative to maintain competitiveness for the private banking sector and its associations and is pursued in the PV group with the corresponding seriousness. In addition to the economic perspective, ecological, social and community factors are also taken into account. In this way, the PV group will continue to be positioned as a reliable and proven partner in building long-term, stable economic success in society and, by consistently pursuing the goals set, will make allowance for sustainable aspects of life.

The PV's sustainability strategy is based on the German Sustainability Code (DNK), which contains 20 criteria for sustainable management to implement the strategy. As a concrete example of how PV contributes to the community (criterion 18), we support the Aktion Mensch Soziallotterie. This non-profit association supports important social projects and educational measures to improve the general living conditions of people with and without disabilities with around 200 million euros (funding 2018). We proudly present the seal of Aktion Mensch 2020 which we received for our support.

23 October 2019 - 49th ordinary General Meeting (GM)

This year’s General Meeting of the Auditing Association took place in Wiesbaden. On the special occasion of its 50th anniversary, the „Kurhaus“ in Wiesbaden was selected to host the GM which is well known as one of the magnificent festive buildings in Germany and the social hub of the spa town.

The focus of this event was the exciting anniversary speech reflecting the main stages of business development and the highlights over the last 50 years. Afterwards, the formal part of the GM started. In addition to the Management Board Report on the financial year 2018 and the resolutions on the exoneration of the Management and Advisory Board, new Advisory Board members were elected: Dr. Bettina Orlopp (Board Member, Commerzbank AG), Dr. Alexander Ilgen (Board Member, DB Privat- und Firmenkundenbank AG), Guglielmo Zadra (Board Member, UniCredit Bank AG) as well as Fedun Mazaheri (Board Member, HSBC Trinkhaus und Burkhardt AG).

Following the formal meeting, State Minister of Finance in Hesse, Dr. Thomas Schaefer, gave a lecture on the topic „Banking business at the financial center Frankfurt and current challenges“. Thereafter, Martin Michel (Managing Director of the Wiesbaden Congress & Marketing GmbH) provided an insight about the Kurhaus features. All guests were invited to a guided tour which also took them to the nearby „Staatstheater Wiesbaden“. Its construction as „The New Royal Court Theatre“ was initiated by Emperor Wilhelm II. The General Meeting was completed with a reception in the Conservatory of the Kurhaus. As every year, a welcome opportunity to meet and greet all representatives of our member banks in a relaxed atmosphere and to talk about bank-specific topics and in general.

The next General Meeting (GM) will take place in Duesseldorf.


30 August 2019 - Strong interest in Eddies - currently 17 users

The number of Eddies users has more than doubled in the past 12 months. The following 17 European compensation schemes are now connected via Eddies:

• Austria (except savings banks),Bild.png

• Belgium

• Czech Republic,

• Germany (cooperative institutes),

• Germany (private banks),

• Germany (saving banks)

• Hungary,

• Ireland,

• Finland,

• France,

• Liechtenstein,

• Netherlands

• Norway,

• Romania

• Sweden,

• Slovakia,

• United Kingdom.


The platform serves European Deposit Guarantee Schemes to meet the legal / regulatory requirements for the secure exchange of information in cross-border compensation cases.

Due to the legal requirements (carrying out a cross-border stress test by June 30th, 2019 at the latest), the interest in Eddies is still high. On that basis discussions with further European compensation schemes for either the demo version or the full version of Eddies are ongoing.

If you are interested in Eddies or the free demo version do not hesitate to contact us directly. Please contact either Mr. Karp (, Tel: +49221 16023105), or Mrs. Coenen (; Tel. +49221 912697413).

8 May 2019 - Confirmation of the information security management certification according to ISO 27001 based on IT-Grundschutz

In February 2019 the first surveillance audit regarding the existing ISO 27001 certification based on IT-Grundschutz was carried out. On 7 May 2019 the "Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik" (BSI) finally attested that we successfully passed the audit. This again confirmed the high standard of information security in the entire Auditing Association Group and the effectiveness of the measures taken for the purpose of a continuous improvement process.



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