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Structure of Organisation

The Auditing Association of German Banks is a registered association, which currently comprises around 134 (31.12.2020) member institutions in the private banking sector. Its purpose is to maintain the interests of the banks participating in the Deposit Protection Fund.

Legal entity and Articles

The Auditing Association of German Banks is an association listed in the Register of Associations at Cologne’s Local District Court, the purpose of the Association being to maintain the interests of those banks participating in the Deposit Protection Fund. The private-law framework is specified through its legal entity and Articles. The Auditing Association is non profit-making organisation and as a registered association is largely exempt from tax.


The Association’s bodies are the:

  • General Meeting
  • Advisory Board
  • Board of Management

The composition and tasks of the individual elements are established in the Articles.

Structural Organisation

The organisation of the Auditing Association is subdivided into:

  • Board of Management
  • Staff Section
  • General Administration
  • Audit Service

The audit service is the “production line” of the Auditing Association. It comprises both internal and field work.

The audits are performed by onsite audit teams. All member institutions are allocated one of the five regional areas according to their registered office. All deposit protection audits are supervised and coordinated by regional area managers. At the same time, they also keep regular contact with the respective management of the institutions overseen and act as the first point of contact on auditing issues. In addition to the regional areas, there are the following specialist areas: retail lending business, trading activities, IT audits, liability risks and building and loan associations. Specialist audit teams are assigned to the specialist areas. Specialist area supervisors are responsible, amongst other things, for further developing the auditing content and methodology in their particular specialist area.

Audit support and report critique constitute the core of the internal audit service. The public accountants operating in this field are organised in groups. They provide specialist monitoring of audits and are responsible for report critique. One group deals with the admission, licensing and ownership control procedures. The routine risk monitoring of banks in consideration of the respective risk profile is incumbent on the specialist area “Risk Monitoring”.

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