Auditing Association Composition

​​​The Companies of the Auditing Association Group

The Auditing Association of German Banks has a one hundred percent holding in each of the four companies mentioned below. Our associated companies are active in different sectors of the Deposit Protection System of the German private banking community. At the same time, they provide many services –in particular for member institutions and their associated companies.

Einlagensicherungs- und Treuhandgesellschaft mbH (a deposit protection company) Services in connection with insolvency and liquidation proceedings within the banking sectorImplementation of depositor compensationSupport of insolvency administratorsClaims collection
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GBB-Rating Gesellschaft für Bonitätsbeurteilung mbH (Professional Credit Rating Assessment)Registered European ratings agencyServices for deposit protection (e.g. classification of member banks, benchmarking)Professional credit rating assessments of financial service providers (external ratings)Internal credit rating assessments for financial service providers (e.g. internal rating models, scoring)


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GDB Gesellschaft für Datensicherheit und IT-Beratung mbH (IT company for private banks)IT auditsData protectionSoftware certificationsSecurity assessmentsISO 27001 certification based on IT basic protection IT-Revisionen
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PBK Prüfungs- und Beratungsgesellschaft für das Kreditwesen mbHWirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft (Auditing company)Annual auditsQualifying audit for ESFPerformance of special auditsQuality Control audits
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